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As passionate as we are about at home fitness, there is something to be said about the POWER of ME TOO, and the ENERGY of a LIVE Class.

Professionally Trained

Jamie and Jackie are both certified CORE DE FORCE Instructors, trained by the creators of the program, Joel Freeman and Jericho McMathews! Jackie is also an INSANITY LIVE Instructors, trained by a Beachbody Master Trainer. 

See for Yourself

Join us, and see just how easy it is to make fitness FIT your life! We offer variations on ALL of the moves in class, to ensure no matter where you are on your fitness journey, you CAN keep up with us! Low to High Impact, but NEVER short on Energy! 

Classes Offered

Insanity Live


What is Insanity?

Insanity is a form of max interval training which is extremely effective in building endurance, enhancing strength, burning calories and allowing for a more efficient metabolism. Insanity will deliver total body conditioning and an ability to reach new training heights.

What should I bring to Insanity?

Good cross training shoes (no street shoes please)

water bottle (filled)


Who will benefit most from Insanity?

Anyone with a desire to work hard and challenge themselves to "dig deeper." The group fitness format of Insanity offers many modifications of exercises to fit the needs of any and all participants so those young and old, fit or just starting out can cater the workout to fit their own needs.

New Classes Coming Soon!

With new Content always being released, you will never be bored, new classes and rounds coming soon!

Check back often for Upcoming Class Schedules and Dates



CORE DE FORCE Live is a totally Kick A$$ workout, where you kick your own butt!

This is a non-contact (no sparing, no black eyes, no experience needed) fitness class, designed to increase your cardio, shred your core, and make you feel like you can take on the world.

In this class you will learn the basics for an MMA style workout (punching, kicking, knees and elbows), taught by certified trainers Jamie & Jackie Taylor.

Jamie has over 20 years experience in the boxing ring, and he is ready to come, remind you to keep your hands up, and help you perfect the combinations.

Jackie is a certified fitness instructor that is ready to push you to your limits, wherever those limits might be! We can bring the intensity way down, or crank it up to 10, YOU are the one who decides.

This fun class format will leave you sweating and smiling, and ready to take on your week!

Live Class Schedule Coming Soon!